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Ellis Davison


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Althouth the debate as to whether photography is "art" is long over, the question of whether an individual photographer is an "artist," or whether an individual image is "art," should always be open. Technology puts into the hands of anyone with the fairly modest price of admission a marvelous machine that will generally make valid choices on exposure and focus, so the artistic qualities of an image are much less dependent now on knowledge of craft, and are more purely a matter of judgement. Some are born with it, some develop it over time, some never get it no matter how long and hard they try or how much training they get. In this supremely ambiguous context I do not presume to call myself an "artist," or this an "artist's statement," but instead will leave that value judgment to the viewer, if he or she cares to make it.

My images are about form, texture, balance and the qualities of light. For me, they tend to work best in traditional gelatine-silver, wet darkroom black-and-white. That having been said, recent work is mostly in digital color, reflecting the realities of time available and the substantial improvement in the image capability of affordable equipment. A few I am really pleased with, most are works in progress, and I try to keep the real dogs to myself. To further belabor a well-worn cliche, if it looks good it is good, and the words we use to describe it do not really matter.

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