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Daniel Divilio


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Since I was in high school, I always had a fascination with photography, especially photojournalism. I was amazed at the photographers' skills in perfectly capturing a moment, often with little time to think about framing and composition.

When I came to the Times-Record, I was handed a camera and told to be my own photographer, to capture the events myself that I was sent to cover. With no formal training, I was understandably nervous. I quickly began receiving positive feedback from my various editors and the dedicated photographers of our sister publication, the Star Democrat.

Over the last 18 months, I have spent many of my days off driving around Maryland's Eastern Shore with my camera bag next to me. Growing up here, I always marveled at the variety of scenery in the area, from crop fields to rivers, historic towns to lush forests. I shoot anything that moves me. Sometimes the shots come out, sometimes they don't.

As I learned from the trained photojournalists at my previous publication, the Delaware Coast Press, I do not tamper with what I aim my camera at, I do not adjust what I see, I just take the shot as it is, positioning myself in the way necessary to capture the moment.

The pictures I have submitted are just that. For example, blue skies are not added to a shot taken on a dreary day. The only digital enhancement I use is the darkening of shots that may have gotten a little over exposed due to an overabundance of natural light.

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