Joshua Hacker

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Joshua Hacker

Visual Artist- Acrylic, Wood & Metal

(410) 673-7937

I have great respect and reverence for the creative process. Growing up in Maryland, I was introduced to the visual arts through local venues like the Hirshhorn museum, and the Waterfowl festival. In 2009, I continued to pursue my passions and received my art degree from Frostburg State University.

My process for creating art is very improvisational, I try to adapt to the natural aspects of my materials. I use materials that are easily accessible and try to produce works of art that are respectful and intelligent. I use my art to inspire viewers to think critically about the gifts (and limitations) of human perception.

Some of my favorite artists and strongest influences include:  Dali, Pollock, and M.C. Escher. I’ve seen many of Escher’s works and have been strongly influenced by his approach:

"He had no use for abstract ideas, even though he agreed that they could be brilliant, and admired anyone who felt at home among abstractions. But if an abstract idea had a point of contact with concrete reality then Escher was able to do something about it, and the idea would promptly take on a concrete form. He did not work like a mathematician but much more like a skilled carpenter who constructs with folding rule and gauge, and with solid results in mind." (Ernst, Bruno. The Magic Mirror of M. C. Escher.)

I like this quote because it parallels my own stance on Art. Art at its core should communicate an abstract (and therefore universal) idea, but with the artist’s individual and purposeful message, but in such a way that it does not talk down to or discriminated against the viewer.

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