Janet Melfa

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Janet Melfa

Jewelry Designer




Residing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Jan's studio is located in Denton, Maryland. Imaginitive and wonderfully creative jewelry is the treasure you will discover there. One of a kind, original works of art.

Even as a child, Jan felt a magnetic connection to stones and rocks. Collecting and cherishing each precious gem she could find. And now, years later, she finds herself designing jewelry with beautiful gemstones.

It is said that rocks and gemstones hold an energy, and legends tell of mystical powers of healing and such.

The science of quantum physics finds that they record what they hear and see (i.e. the crystals in your electronics). Could it be that your diamond ring is recording what you say?

Holding each stone is to discover and realize the beauty that is revealed to the eye of the beholder. What an honor it is to create and wear art that was created by our Creator.

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