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Kurt Plinke


Phone: (410) 482-2446

E-mail: krplink@comcast.net

Website: www.AnywhereGourmet.com/kurtplinke

When most people look at a fallen tree in the woods, they see firewood. Wildlife artist and naturalist Kurt Plinke sees things differently. When he peers at a log, he sees an entire ecosystem, and might spend hours exploring the interrelated species that call the dead tree 'home.' His intricate watercolors and egg tempera paintings represent this view. A working artist for over twenty-five years, Mr. Plinke has been painting with watercolors since he was a child. Attending Bowling Green State University in Ohio and Wilmington College, he studied Fine Arts and Biology. While studying there, Kurt became interested in printmaking and the historical aspects of the various mediums used by artists. This interest in historical methods and mediums led him to study historical Egg Tempera methods at Towson University.

Since moving to Maryland in 1985, Plinke has developed his abilities as an artist, as well as an observer of nature. In 1999, he was named Artist-in-Residence for Adkins Arboretum in Tuckahoe State Park. In 2000, he was the cover artist for the Chestertown Wildlife Art Festival. Kurt Plinke's meticulously detailed wildlife studies in transparent watercolors are known throughout the Eastern United States. More recently, Plinke has combined historic methods of painting with ancient and modern imagery to evoke, in the viewer, an awareness of the frailty of man.

Currently, Kurt Plinke teaches art at Colonel Richardson Middle School , as well as through a number of area art centers. He has a studio on the Choptank River in Caroline County, Maryland. He shows his work in galleries and at exhibitions across the eastern United States. As an instructor, Kurt tries to guide students towards developing their own style by introducing a variety of methods to each student. He uses humor and patience to help beginner and experienced artists further their knowledge and abilities.

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